Dr.Bhayya SrinivasRao Gold Medal

Dr.Bhayya SrinivasRao Gold Medal  for Best Video Presentation for Senior Consultants, All Senior Consultants with more than 10 years experience after PG

Winners 2018

Gold medal  - Dr MVSS Bapa Rao - Visakhapatnam - Choanal atresia laser excision

Second prize - Dr Matuthi Ramgopal - Guntur - Nasal instruments in MLS SURGERY

2018 - participant

  1. Dr B Jayaprakash Reddy - Kurnool - small fenestra stapedotomy how i do it
  2. Dr C Madhusuadhan Rao - Nandyal - Various systamatic approaches to frontal recess exploration
  3. Dr Vidhya sagar - Vijayawada - Endoscope assisted Transoral Excision of Sublingual Lesion in an Infant
  4. Dr Matuthi Ramgopal - Guntur - nasal instruments in MLS SURGERY
  5. Dr P Ramesh Chandra - Visakhapatnam - JNA excision by Endoscopic Denkers approach
  6. Dr MVSS Bapa Rao - Visakhapatnam - choanal atresia laser excision