Garlapati Sarabandhi Gold Medal

Case Report by postgraduates

Garlapati Sarabandhi Gold Medal 

(Sponsored by Dr.G.Nanda  Kishore, Guntur)


I sponsored  this medal in the name of my father Mr. Garlapati Sarabandhi who was an employee in a co-operative bank and dedicated all his energy and enthusiasm towards the dream of both his sons becoming doctors and achieve professional excellence in their career. For his passion towards the medical profession this is my token of gratitude.

I wish all the postgraduates to get involve in research activities, deliver good care to the patients in need and focus on spreading knowledge through their academic work. The main motto behind this  medal  is to encourage the young superstars of otorhinolaryngology by providing a platform to present themselves in front of the seniors. I wish the competition  for this medal will always be a healthy one and each one of the competitors should motivate others and participate in a sportive manner. All the best.

winners of 2018

Dr K. Gowthami  - I st prize for case report on Rosai Dorfman disease  - a rare diagnosis in parapharyngeal space tumor

Dr G Sameera - 2nd prize for case report on - case of isolated tracheal stenosis

Dr Sindhuja - 2nd prize for case report - A rare case of a Kadish stage

2018 - particpants